Friday, April 22, 2011

April 8th, 2010

Well, Grace and I went over to check on you today, Lilly, and you ARE getting big!!! Jamie is definitely in her 3rd trimester now, and she looks just amazing. You are so big now that when you move she can tell what part of you she is feeling. The other great news is that if you were born today you would have a viability rate of 88%! Amazing!!! Keep on growing though in your wonderful, safe, and cozy home… We will meet you soon enough!

Grace was also super excited to see how big you are. She immediately gave you a kiss and told you that she loved you. It was really adorable. Jamie said that she just loves seeing Grace’s excitement over you. It really is something to behold!

Jamie has told me many, many times lately how very glad she is that we all decided to go down this road less traveled. She loves making a difference, she loves the conversations she gets to have about you and her decision to do this and she loves the example that she is setting for her own four children. What a role model she is!

Grace told me today (while we were in the car on the way to Jamie’s house) that when she grows up she wants to help people have babies. I’m not sure if she meant by being a doctor (either OB or infertility) or by carrying a baby for someone else. Either way, I would be VERY proud!!! I hope that each of you do something that makes this world a better place than you found it. If you are a great Mom, that is good enough for me! Just be your very best at whatever you do, OK?

That’s it for now… Grandma Marin is here and your Daddy is taking me on a date!


Your Mom

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter--April 4th, 2010

Happy Easter little one... I wanted to take a second after our busy weekend to tell you how loved you are. We already all feel like you are a member of the family and we cannot wait to see your beautiful little face. We talk about you all of the time, every day. You will be here before we know it!

You get the hiccups now. That excites me because it means that your little lungs are practicing so they will work well outside of Jamie’s womb. It also means that you would be viable now, if born early. Stay put though, OK? You need to grow much bigger and much stronger.

You are almost 27 weeks “baked” now and Jamie says that she is very big. I plan on visiting this week to tell you in person how much I love you. Jamie is still feeling wonderful. She is SUCH a trooper!!! Our Angel! How lucky are we to have two?!? Hopefully, you will take after her and make many positive contributions to the lives of others. There isn’t a better role model out there!!!

I am so happy for you that you will always have Jamie and Jamie in your life. After all, we really wouldn’t have you without them. Hard to imagine you not being a part of us now… She will always be your Angel too. And, seriously, a better one does not exist! She is the BEST!!! All of us are so much richer because of her and the love of her life, “boy Jamie.” People just don’t come any better—they really don’t.

I find myself getting much more emotional these days. I think it is just because I am so happy and so thankful for my life, my dear friends and family and the gift of you. God is SO good! Life is SO good!

The weather has been unseasonably warm this past week. It has been in the 80s! Everything is in bloom and the coats are packed away until next fall. Amazing for early April in Michigan!!!

It is unbelievable to me that you were conceived two full seasons ago. Really, you will be here in our arms before we know it. Amazing!

We still need to get out and wash all of the baby “stuff”—the swing, the stroller, etc. I also need to wash all of the newborn clothes, buy new BPA free bottles, and stock up on formula, diapers and wipes. I’m also planning on re-reading some books like Baby Wise and The Baby Whisperer just to pick and choose the points I want to follow.

Since I will be in perfect health upon your arrival, I really want to do everything I can to give you the very best start in life. I am ready to get ready for you but I don’t want to start preparing so early that all of your clothes need to be re-washed and I’ve forgotten all that I’ve read.

Grace is still done with her pacifier (thank God!), otherwise known as her “Ba ba.” Yes, she is three and a half! We don’t want to make that mistake again!!! She is still VERY excited about you and about being your Big Sister.

OK, that’s it for now. I love you, baby girl!!!