Monday, March 28, 2011

March 27, 2010


I was just looking in your room—hanging up a new hat I got you—and smiling. I then looked in on your big sister—sleeping for the first week in her new big girl room. She looks so little in her new queen bed! The peace you are bringing to my heart and to our family is beyond anything I could have imagined. I wanted to take a minute to just tell you about it.

I smile more than I ever have. My heart feels like it is filling up and I know that the minute Jamie places you into my arms it will finally feel whole. You complete us, my dear. I love you, I long for you and I cannot wait to lay my eyes and lips upon you.

Grace and your Dad are very excited too. What fun it will be for me to see you in your sister’s arms. She cannot wait to be your big sister. I hope that the two of you always know how lucky you are to have one and other. The bond of a sister is like no other. I already love you more than you will ever know.



Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 18th, 2010

Hi, Baby Girl. It has been almost 3 weeks since I have written—too long. Everything is still going wonderful. Jamie is 2 days into week 25 and she still looks and feels great. Both of your Grandmas babysat their four kids and Grace so that your Dad and I could take Jamie and Jamie out to dinner last Saturday. It was nice to all be together and catch up as couples. We always have such a special time with them. It was extra special this time because I felt you kick a couple of times. Sooo special! Jamie keeps telling me how very strong you are.

We finished Grace’s big girl room last weekend and emptied all of her belongings from your room. Jamie made the letters for “LILLY” and they are already hung up on your wall. I love dreaming about you in there!

I am going to a big sale this weekend to pick up a few things for you. Should be fun but we definitely don’t “need” much!

No other big news to report… I’m a little nervous because I have a sore lump on my breast that I found yesterday. I am going to the doctor tomorrow to have it checked out. It is also the anniversary for our failed in-vitro last year, which brings back many sad memories. Luckily we are replacing those sad memories with many happy ones these days!

Honestly, that is all there is to report. Life is simple and that is GOOD. The snow is now gone and spring is definitely in the air. Thank goodness!!! I think I’ll get Grace dressed now and bring her to the park. Ahhh, spring… Life sure is good!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 2, 2010

Hello my sweet 22 week old baby girl! Tomorrow is day one of week 23. You will be here before we know it! The doctor's appointment went perfectly last week and your heart beat was loud and clear—150BPM.

Grace and I went over to Jamie’s for the day today and had a wonderful time. You are getting big and Jamie is really starting to show. Today was especially perfect because I felt you kick me two times!!! I loved feeling you finally!

Gracie and I talked to you and told you how much we love you. She was really cute talking to Jamie’s belly. She said “Hi Lilly, it’s your Sister. I love you!” I, of course, always talk to you too—especially since you can hear us now. I want you to know your Mama’s voice.

We have decided that we are going to spell your name Lilly. We like it so much more in writing with the two l’s and since it is short for Lillian, it only makes sense.

Your Dad is really coming along on Grace’s room—the walls are now almost all painted. I bought some picture frames, etc. for her room so she will be excited to move out of “your room” soon.

After we get her all settled in, then it will be time to empty your closet, dresser, etc. then deep clean the room, refresh the paint, wash all of your clothes and put the crib back together (it is a toddler bed right now).

I’m going to get some cute letters to put your name on the wall too. I just can’t believe that in only 4 months you will be home sweet home! Our little darling—our second love—our little flower.

No other huge news to report. I am all done taking on new clients and I only have a couple left now. I’m pretty much a full time stay at home mom and I LOVE it!

As excited as I am for you to join us, I do also remember all of the work and sleepless nights that come along with a newborn. That being said, I am making a point to also savor all of my peaceful quiet time now because I know it is short-lived. I am also savoring my time with Grace now that I am not working. We are going to have as many fun days as we can doing little day outings and adventures between now and July.

That is your 22 week update, and ours too!

We love you honey!!!