Friday, July 8, 2011

September 4th, 2010

Lillian, you really are our gift. I call you my precious gift all of the time… You couldn’t be anymore perfect or anymore sweet. We are all sooo in love with you!

You smile all of the time now and your smile is just adorable. The way your eyes light up melts our hearts. You have eyes only for your Dad, Sister and I now too. You know our voices and it is obvious that you love us. We cherish you!

You love to look at the letters that Jamie made for you of your name on your nursery wall. You could stare at them for hours and smile. That makes me smile. Speaking of Jamie, you adore her, too, and you absolutely know her voice. We visit with Jamie weekly and have such a special time.

I have started calling Jamie “Auntie Jamie,” but even that doesn’t seem special enough. I just can’t think of any other name special enough that we could call her for life, so Auntie Jamie it is—she will always be our very special angel.

We had our gratitude barbecue a few weeks ago and it was just wonderful! We honored Jamie, Jamie and their family and also thanked everyone else for their love and support. We had about 50 friends and family over for dinner. The cake said “Forever Grateful” on it. We sure are!

You are our divine gift. You are so much more than we ever imagined for ourselves. I never knew I could feel THIS grateful and THIS complete. We are one big, happy family now and life is sooooo much better with you in it!

We love you, our gift. We love you, our Angel.

We are happy beyond measure!!!


Your Mommy

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