Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 29th, 2010

Hi Sweet Pea,

Tomorrow will be your birthday, baby girl, and we are all on pins and needles at this point—so eager to hold you and love you and make sure that you are healthy and that Jamie is healthy. Please God, let all go well and please shine on us tomorrow. Let it be the very best day of all of our lives! Keep Jamie and our dear little Lilly safe and healthy/happy. Please help Jamie to revel in the amazing deed she did—let her know how loved and appreciated she is and will always be. Without her, my dear Lilly, you wouldn’t be a branch in our family tree. Without her, you would not fill our empty seat at the dinner table. Without her, my heart would still be missing a huge piece. God please help Jamie to really know what she has done for all of us—she has changed so many lives for the better. She will always be our Angel—ALWAYS.

Now Lilly, please know how adored you have always been. Please know how much you mean to all of us. I promise to never take you for granted—I will cherish you always.

Tonight is like Christmas Eve, although I’ve never had a Christmas Eve this special… Tomorrow you will be given to me, to us, our gift made perfectly—exquisitely for us with so much love, attention, and compassion. There has never been a gift so special! Tomorrow will be the very best day of our life!

I plan to pick up Jamie and we will be at the hospital by . She will get the antibiotics that she needs for Strep B and then they will break her water and get her labor going. You are being induced one week early to avoid the possible risk of placenta calcification that sometimes occurs at the tail end of pregnancy when a woman carries an embryo that is not genetically her own. When the placenta calcifies the baby fails to get the nutrition and/or oxygen needed to survive. At this point, you are healthy; and we all thought it best to eliminate any possible risk to you and your health.

Jamie has had many contractions since last Saturday so who knows? You may even come naturally between now and tomorrow morning. Wouldn’t that be great!

Your Dad, Grace, both of your loving Grandmothers, “Grandpa” John, Uncle Luke and Aunt Rachel as well as Jamie’s sister, Missy, and her husband all plan to come to the hospital at . The photographer that has asked to chronicle our journey will also join us just as soon as things get going. The doctor guesses that you will arrive around . Hopefully all goes perfectly, as planned!

Grace and I had a really nice last day as a twosome. We went and bought “It’s a Girl” balloons for the mailbox, then played many of her favorite board games. After that we went to the pool for 3 hours. That sister of yours LOVES the pool!!! I wonder if you will love it as much as she does?!? She is very proud of herself because, as of last week, she “officially knows how to swim”! (This is what she is now telling/showing everyone.) It amazes me how much she has grown up over the last 9 months. She is one big girl now! Anyway, it was a VERY chilly day today but no other outing would do for our last big day together…so the pool it was!

She is already sound asleep and she knows that the next time she sees me it will be at the hospital. She is VERY excited and really wants to be in the delivery room. We will see how she feels when the time comes.

So…that is your update! Wish me luck sleeping tonight!!! I’m sure I’ll need it! Amazingly, I’ve slept really well up until now and I feel so peaceful about everything. I am more at peace than I have ever been in my entire life. I can only imagine all of the peace I will feel tomorrow when you are safe and sound and finally placed in my arms and when Jamie is smiling from ear to ear—so proud of herself and her gift.

I love you, Angel. Enjoy this last night in your “nest”.



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